mineOS starting to use quite a lot of memory and now has high CPU usage

I can confirm that its mineOS causing this as I’ve checked with htop, unless I’m silly.
But so usually my linux server is never over like 750 MiB idle of memory and now its at like 2 GiB idle
and in htop i can see the mineOS service / process spiking to like 100% CPU usage.

Yes I have other things like a web server and vs code server running I can see in htop that they are not using like any memory at all.

Even if its not mineOS some help to pinpoint the memory hungry process would be appreciated.

I can share more information if needed.

Do you have world-mapping saved in your server directory? That has been known to inflate memory usage due to a bug in oen of the nodejs modules that checks for changes in files (and having mapping outside the directory solves this)