MineOS SSH files


Yesterday i tried update Java of MineOS trough SSH.
Unfortunately the connections fails everytime and the host disconnected everytime i login.

Ik did manage to delete the SSH files in /etc/ssh/ and now i cant connect anymore trough SSH nor SFTP filezilla.

Also because Minecraft can’t start of an older Java, i cant play anymore :frowning:

Is there a way to recover the old SSH files ( yes i did backup it with the right settings in it)

I can’t connect trough SSH and SFTP only the webUI is working and the command of the WebUI on the server PC itself also wont work.

Any Suggestions?

Physical access to the server is required or, if it’s a hosted one, there is sometimes a remote access feature like VNC or ask them for help.

I now have acces trough root@mineos-tkldev by booting trough the installer disk.

How can i recover the ssh files?

You’d need to copy them back in place and ensure the permissions are correct.