MineOS Setup FreeNAS

I recently installed MineOS on my freenas system 9.3. I installed the FTB 1.10.1 profile and selected them, accepted the EULA and hit start. The WebUI then just sits there. No log appears on the left hand side. Whenver I create a non-modded the server starts and works fine. I’ve tried increasing ram to 4gb, nothing. Any help/suggestions?

Same issue and fix: Feed the beast server refuses to start

The problem is–unlike all other profiles–FTB requires additional downloads from the internet that cannot be legally distributed from person to person, thus, FTBinstall.sh exists.

Since it’s a one-off (all other can just be downloaded and work), there isn’t anything in place for the webui to run this on your behalf; it would require some amount of code restructuring to make it happen (so it’s put on the backburners for now).

Anyway, long story short, the particular profile you downloaded needs an extra step, run from the command line, and then you should be set.

Looks good. Thanks for the fast response and the help!