Mineos Server Showcase

Just a little request for a category that people can use to let people know about their Mineos server. :smile:


The community category is probably suited already well enough for this purpose, though the primary reason there isn’t a more specific category is that people who join this discourse community typically are looking for help being a sysadmin, understanding the webui and its conventions and things of that nature.

In fact, most people using mineos (or know about it) are already creating their own minecraft communities, so it’s less likely posting for players to join here or there will be getting good exposure.

It would be cool though to check out each others servers even if this isn’t the place to advertise for players. It might be an ok place to ask for admin advice but I feel like it leaves the realm of MineOS and you would have better luck with such topics on busier forums.

I still like the idea.