MineOS Server Inaccessible

Brief introduction: I’m a Network Engineer for a well-established company that owns several fine dining restaurants. My youngest daughter was the first of our kids to ever be engrossed with Minecraft so much that her and her cousins asked for their own private server.

I’ve attempted this task using a variety of OS installs to a VM, which led me to install and use MineOS for this task.

I have a server configured and online, the server check utility shows that it’s online and accessible (https://mcsrvstat.us).

My youngest has the Windows 10 version of the Minecraft client, of which when we configure a server for her to connect to, either through the local IP address or the DDNS, shows the server as offline / non-accessible.

I realize that there are two versions of the client, the Java one versus the Windows 10 version. Since I do not own a client copy of my own, my results are based on the MSW10 client.

Should I use a different version of the server (Spigot) for her to connect to? Any help is appreciated!

Nukkit and Imagicalmine are the only two server softwares for Bedrock minecraft availible on MineOS.

(Windows 10 edition, which also works on phone, ps4, Nintendo switch, Xbox etc. So you could actually crossplay, for example you playing on ur phone while your daughter is playing on a PC with minecraft windows 10 edition on the same server)

Though Nukkit seems to be the only one that has success working for me, and remember when you start it, you need to type eng when the logs show up on ur first time boot :wink:

Hope this helps!

I don’t know what happened to that quote, but whatever xdimage