MineOS | Proxmox LXC | Debian 10

Hello All,

I am attempting to run MineOS in a Proxmox LXC, but am encountering issues.

First, I created a Debian 10 container and followed the instructions listed here: https://wiki.codeemo.com/install/debian_10.html

I performed all the usual tasks: Logged into WebUI with root account, downloaded latest JAR, create server, assign JAR file, accept EULA, etc.

After pressing “start” nothing happens. No error messages or any messages at all.

Checking the “/var/log/mineos.log” file and here are the entries related to the last attempt to start:

{"level":"info","message":"[test] issued command : \"start\"","timestamp":"2022-09-28T19:43:53.206Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"[test] received request \"start\"","timestamp":"2022-09-28T19:43:53.207Z"}

There are no entries in “/var/games/minecraft/servers/test/logs” because it does not exist. There is no folder structure as the server is not starting and building them.

Is anyone familiar with running MineOS in a Proxmox LXC that can assist?

Did you install the right java version?

Anything before MC 1.16.5 uses java 8 if this applies to you at all and is the area to make sure you have correct as the guide on the wiki is for installing java 16 which is the java needed for the webui not necessarily Minecraft. java 16 will work post 1.16 mc