Mineos problems

So i downloaded the latest turnkey, Downloaded buildtools and tried to run a server, its not even showing the latest build.
No download buttons are working now, and the server wont start.

Fixed it… Is it possible to put some sort of uploader for custom packs?

You can SSH into the server and add mods to a forge server, but other than that, only main FTB packs.

Also can SFTP on port 22, open in MineOS by defailt. Use the mc login pw, or what ever you used as a username other than mc. I use Filezilla as it works well with java 8.

Is how I make custom mc servers for my girls, anyway.

Good Luck!

Also, How do you start a cronjob?

Within the WebUI on the scheduling page, there is a link which shows you how to use cron (it’s the question mark in parenthesis).

Also, if you aren’t familiar with cron or linux in general, you should check out this site to setup your jobs:


it won’t write your expression for you (use google if you’re looking for something in particular … like run every 3rd hour, etc) but it will validate your expression as well as tell you what the expression will do.