mineOS portforwarding


ok cool thanks man if i run into a problem ill bug you some more


Ok so ive gone over this etc and to be sure i remove every port excluding the port i will be using for the server and the webUI? and you said youd recommend the SHH so that means id keep the port 22 and then make sure i have the SHH port 22 port forwarded in the router correct?


My iptables is set to open for all, since I do my firewalling in my gateway / internet router.

Read more about ip-tables here: https://www.howtogeek.com/177621/the-beginners-guide-to-iptables-the-linux-firewall/


ok i have all of them open (as far as i know) i have the ports farwarded the same way I did in the photos i sent earlier but still caant connest unless its via lan.

im not sure if you can tell by this picture but did i do something wrong on this end?


What address do you try to connect to from the internet? Your LAN-address ( will not work, you need to use your external (WAN) address. you can find that address using (for example) a website like: http://whatismyipaddress.com/


Ok so what do i do with this new address? Is this the address i give them to connect to?


yes. Your LAN address only works on your LAN, that is why you use port forward to tell your router where to send an internet rewuest on your LAN


Thanks so much man my buddy Jake tested it and hes connected. God I wish i could do something for you.


No need :slight_smile:
Just enjoy the game, and use MineOS not only to controll it, but as a platform to learn Linux :slight_smile: You’ll need it!


Just a good advice regarding iptables firewall.
Close all ports by default and allow only the needed ports.
You can learn more about iptables from this article https://likegeeks.com/linux-iptables-firewall-examples/

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