MineOS/Plugins and TrueNAS Core

OK… I have installed MineOS in a Jail on my TrueNAS Server (which is also new) After a few challenges I got it running with Spigot (i think) version 1.18.1 My son has tested it and he is content. Now he wants plugins. I am a bit green with CLI and SSH, So here I am. Wanting to know what the best way is to add the plugins. I think he really wants WorldEdit plugin. I have done some Google searching my my Google-foo for this is not up to par as I felt like I was reading in circles.

Thanks for any help

You can use curl to download files into your MineOS installation.

  1. Get a direct link to the plugin you want to download. For WorldEdit 7.2.8 this link is https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit/files/3559523/download
  2. SSH into MineOS
  3. cd into the servers plugin directory.
    cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/<servername>/plugins
  4. Use curl to download the plugin.
    curl <url> -o <file-name-to-save-as> -L
    The -o option tells curl what file name to save the downloaded file as.
    The -L option tells curl to follow redirects to get the file. Sometimes the direct download link still doesn’t point to the actual file and you have to follow several redirects to get there.
    Example: curl https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit/files/3559523/download -o worldedit-bukkit-7.2.8.jar -L

thanks that worked… now if i can figure out why my port forward quit