MineOS plugin for FreNAS - 1.7.10 .jar start and others don't

I’ve installed the plugin on the server and downloaded few runnable .JAR’s from the “Profiles” section, the only one that actually runs well is the minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar (haven’t tried previous versions). Some of the others get “UP” and fill the memory, but never become available (“ping version” stays blank and are not discoverable in Minecraft), some fill the memory and then get “Down”, some fill memory for just one tick and become downed right after and some just ignore me clicking “start”.

I’ve downloaded two of FTB, two newest Forge, a Bungee-Cord, and three of Mojang versions. All was performed with -Xmx 512, and there is more than that of free RAM.

As you can see there is some major problem in my case, that (after watching Will’s video on the new UI and some reading on the web) I couldn’t resolve. So I ask for help - what shall I do to get the server working? Did I miss something important? (please keep answers simple, I’m no pro at those things)

Also - what’s the command to start the server from the command line?

Easiest thing to check: are you servers running on different ports? Only one server can run on each port, e.g., 25565. Additional servers that are also set to 25565 (which is the default) will spawn a process, use memory–but the server itself won’t be accessible because they can’t share ports.

I’ve created only one server, changing “server-port” value from 25565 to 25568 didn’t make a change tho.

I include a video of what’s happening on my screen:

Based on the behavior, it seems more like it is coming down because of what Minecraft is doing, rather than MineOS.

What does your server log look like?

That the vanilla JAR works, but FTB doesn’t indicates it’s something FTB is complaining about, so you might want to share with us the log created by FTB, or the crashlog that is indicated in latest.log. MineOS isn’t taking the server down, but rather just notifying that the server process is dying or closing itself.

I have the same problem:

When you ran FTBInstall.sh, did you run it as the same user you log into the webui with? Or with root (hopefully not).

You can check by looking at the ownership of the files to make sure 100% of files in the game directory are owned by your preferred user–otherwise, if you ran anything as root, you’ve botched perms and will just have to run a simple chown.