MineOS on TrueNAS 12, server won't start with Forge on 1.18


So I’ve been fighting this issue throughout today.
I have a TrueNAS set up with MineOS, and I can get it to run a vanilla Minecraft 1.18 server once I install Java 17, but I can’t get it to start with Forge. I tried with Java 8 as suggested elsewhere but with no luck.

I’ve tried via just downloading the profiles in the WebUI and also by starting the server on my local machine and then importing the server files via the WebUI, both with no luck

Hey, i am sorry i can’t help you with your porblem. But i wanted to ask how you installed Java 17? I could install java 16 for 1.17 but can’t find java 17 with pkg search, could you help me?

‘pkg install openjdk17’ worked for me. You might need to update your pkg first tho, I believe the correct command is ‘pkg upgrade’ but I’m not quite certain