Mineos on a pi3b

Does anyone have any idea how I would run mineos on a pi? I’ve tried just flashing the mineos image file to it and it won’t boot if anyone could give me like a step by step that would be nice :grinning:

Any MineOS ISOs you could download would be for x86_64 processors, not ARM, like RPis are; so you definitely would not be able to use any premade MineOS image on a pi.

That said, all of MineOS (the webui) is just an application that can be installed on any distro that you can get onto your Pi, such as Raspbian.

Raspbian is debian based, so your steps would be the same as the Debian install in the wiki.


  1. Install raspbian, using their instructions.
  2. Ensure a bootable, working Linux installation on your rpi with internet connectivity and SSH.
  3. Install the webui app from the wiki link I provide above.

I wouldn’t suggest running a Minecraft server on a Pi. Unless you only plan to only have 1 server running without ANY intensive mods.

From personal experience I only got servers from 1.12.2 and up running without any issues. 1.11 and lower had hiccups and world generation issues (though that could of been from the ssd I was using).

And as for mods, you shouldn’t use anything that adds tax like engineering mods, additional animals or additional world generation of buildings or terrain.

As for installing MineOS, it’s as easy as hexparrot says it is.You can find tutorials on how to get started on using a Raspberry Pi on YouTube. As for getting MineOS up and running, I prefer using the node webui here: https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=MineOS-node_(apt-get)

You will need to add dependencies like apt or apt-get which can be added easily. Then just follow the instructions as much as you can. When you need help, just ask away!

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Whenever I try and install using the debian one it gives me a load of errors and I’m not sure why?

It says somthing about a newline error and then just Doesent work I will try again later as have to go to school but Idk what’s wrong with it?

If I could be seen a link to a video showing me how that would be nice as I can’t seem to get this to work

I tired doing the one for debian as that’s what my pi is running but it just Doesent work it gives me some newline error and won’t install?

I’m pretty sure I just typed it wrong in some way but I did it exactly as the thing said to do on that site you linked

DietPi supports running MineOs on a very large variety of single board computers and traditional PC.