Mineos on 32 GB usb

Hi, i have an USB drive from icidu with 32 GB i was wondering if i cloud install mineos on it and run a 20 men spigot server? Thanks!

Storage space and physical memory are very different things. While it is technically possible to use a USB drive as the storage for your servers AND your Linux installation, I don’t recommend–it just wouldn’t give the performance you want.

So, to address the 20 men spigot server–again, your limitation here isn’t the storage space, but 20 men is going to require CPU power and Physical memory, which a server will have to provide (that a USB drive does not). And in this case, whatever you’re plugging this USB drive into–that system’s memory will determine your available resources.

yeah but i just want to ask if there are enough write cycles

Have you read any material or have any sources that have suggested that using a usb flash drive is viable for running a server?