MineOS not using all the RAM

i really hate asking questions, but I can’t figure this one out. Maybe someone of this community knows the solution.

I had the minecraft server running with 3072MB and it worked fine, but It is a bit to low for the server. And since my notebook has access to 8GB of DDR3 Memory I wanted to stack it up to 6GB.

But mineOS only uses 3.4GB and won’t go over it. The server has only a few MB of RAM left when we play so it would be really helpfull to get this fixed.

Any Ideas? :thinking:


If you have set your server’s xmx value in the server’s status page to 6GB, then MineOS will tell Java “you have 6GB available to use”. However, unless Minecraft itself has a use for that space, it is very possible (and normal) for a server to use less.

Think of memory like space on a desk divided into 8 sections. You might have 6 of those sections reserved for one project, but that doesn’t mean that that project will always use all the space it has, all the time.

What do you mean by this?

Are you looking at linux utilities (like top) and it’s reporting it’s almost out of memory? If that is that is the case, then the correct response to this is actually to lower the amount of memory Minecraft gets allocated.

Back to the desk analogy, if 6 of 8 sections are dedicated to just one project, and 2 of the other 8 sections are used for just assorted stuff–it might be better to have 3 of those sections for assorted stuff (system overhead) and only 5 to the project especially because Minecraft seems to only need four.

It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes you can expect better performance by giving Minecraft less. This is because Minecraft often isn’t what’s short on resources–usually it’s overestimating how much Minecraft wants that causes the problems.

The Linux system is running fine with it’s 2048MB of RAM. No Problem there.

But the MineOS WebApplication shows that the running servers only do have ~60MB left to use. Eventhought they are only using ~3GB.

The xmx value is set to 6144MB so this should work fine… Well but it doesn’t.

MineOS reports available system ram subtracting all other uses of ram, including allocated memory.

So let’s say you start with 8GB and you run 1 minecraft server at 6GB.

If you have 8GB and you give 6GB to Java, nothing else can use that memory except Java/Minecraft.

Minecraft can use 3.4GB or it can use 6GB, but 6GB is allocated to Java and cannot be used by anything else.

It should work fine–and it’s working exactly as expected.

If you have 60MB left, that means:

 8192 MB of RAM total  
 6144 MB of RAM reserved for Java/Minecraft
 ???? MB of RAM used by system
   60 MB remaining.

Therefore, ???? = 1988 MB of RAM used by system.

So You should never expect the unused 2.6GB from the 6 to ever be counted as usable to anything except Minecraft. If you want it available to anything else, reduce what you allocate to Minecraft.