MineOS NodeJS version upgrading on Fedora35

Good day,

I am starting up a MineOS server as a docker image on a Fedora system, and so far the docker image looks like it works correctly, which is a good start. Problem is though I was walking through the installation steps for NodeJS on the machine itself, and it turns out that NodeJS version 10 not only no longer receives security updates, but I can’t conveniently download it anymore either (yes I could grab it and install it anyways but I use this server for other things so having known exploits on it without security patches is a non-starter).

I haven’t worked at all with Java in any meaningful capacity, but looking at this github issue Node.js 12 Support · Issue #374 · hexparrot/mineos-node · GitHub it looks like folks had some success using newer versions of NodeJS.

Can anybody help me with updating that NodeJS version to a more appropriate one? Better yet, could we get some updates pushed to the repo and the documentation to make this a smoother experience?

Thank you!