Mineos-node with multiple java options fails to start

Apparent bug in webui-node
after creating a server when placing additional java arguments, it appears that if you have multiple arguments there that the server will not start. each individual argument works but when placed in a series of 2 or more arguments eg: -XX:+UseLargePages -XX:+AggressiveOpts , it fails to start and also give no feedback that it failed it just sits there doing nothing.

i first found this with an FTB pack but have tested it with a vanila server too.

runing mineos-node on ubuntu 14.04.3
used the wget freindly script to install it

Replicated behavior. I made a git issue out of this and will fix it promptly.

Thank you for your report!

Fixed today! Update your webui.

this is sort of fixed but the fix doesn’t work.
the java argument option still only takes 1 argument the jar file arguments take them all and allows the server to start but they don’t work as expected. in mineos (non-node) when using my command arguments my infinity server loads with about 2.2gb ram used same server same arguments on node it starts with just over 3gb used. I believe you have the 2 arguments lines passing them differently and java is ignoring the JAR arguments.

Unfortunately, there are too many factors that can affect the initial RAM footprint when you start it on two separate systems.

Is there a problem that is presenting itself? Or are you just noticing two different amounts of memory used?

this is on the exact save physical machine with the ubuntu 14.04.3 only difference is the mineos UI being either the standard of the node.js

same minecraft server restored from archive. i don’t know how to tell that the options are active other than the amount of ram on start after the server has started and is available for use. at that point the node.js indicates that the server is using just over 3gb ram if i startup that server using the old interface it shows about 2.2gb literally the only difference is the interface.

i can only assume that the java options are not being passed correctly. this is just a sandbox for me so i can easily swap between the setups. deleted /usr/games/minecraft/ and /var/games/minecraft/ after archiving the server and installed node. that was when i found the initial problem. after your fix i updated the ui and it have the new JAR options field. server still started at just over 3gb.

deleted the folders again and went back to the original webui and it loads with 2.2gb ram in use when the server is fully loaded before any ppl log in.

can only assume they are sending the java options differently to cause this and that the node.js is doing it in a way that java isn’t activating the options.

i apologize if i wasn’t clear on the server hardware setup in the first place.