Mineos - Node on FreeBSD 10.3: "Scheduling" (node.js cron) items do not work

I have Mineos node.js webUI installed on FreeBSD 10.3 inside of a jail. Mineos is fully up to date

The server runs fine. Manual Archive and Restore Points work just fine. Trying to add auto Archive, etc options to the webui scheduling does not result in the scheduled items happening. I have restarted the minecraft server, the web-ui, jail, and even the “host”, none of these resulted in any change.

All of the needed extra mount points are working and managed by the jail startup. Both bash and python have been simlinked so that existing scripts “find” them in the expected place.

From what I can tell node.js does not log by default. There is nothing of note in the mineos.log file in /var/log. I did notice that all of the items in the servers cron.config have “enabled=false”, I did try changing that manually but that didn’t help either so I changed them back.

What’s the cron expression you’re trying to run?

0 0 4 * * * archive
0 0 5 * * * restart
0 */30 * * * * backup

Have you also tried using the ‘enable’ buttons in the webui? What’s the behavior when you do this?

(this would be preferred because editing the files directly doesn’t mean they get refreshed by the webui process)

I don’t have enable buttons, just start, suspend, and delete.

I tried the start button and no luck. I’ll try deleting and re adding them all in case something is wrong with the file/permissions.

After letting it run overnight everything seems to be working now. I ended up deleting the cron.config file and having the web UI create a new one from scratch.