MineOS Node: How do I create profiles?

How do I create profiles for MineOS Node? I need to create a Spigot Profile and there isn’t one.

There’s no need for creating profiles anymore; there are some available profiles that you can download and just make work, but otherwise, if you have your own .jar you want to work with, simply place it in the live server directory, e.g., /var/games/minecraft/servers/myservername.

Once it’s in the directory, you just choose it from the jar dropdown–ignore the profiles entirely.

This (just choosing a jar from a dropdown) would be a fantastic thing, if it gave me any options. I have 2 .jar files in the directory and neither of them show up in the dropdown. All the dropdown does when selected is expand down 1 bar and show : Change runnable jar to: and its highlighted in blue.

Does your /var/log/mineos.log show anything? Are you updated?

Yes I was updated. The log showed that Mineos-node was erroring because I didn’t manually create the sub-directories:

Once that was done the dropdowns functioned like you said they would. just working the kinks out. that’s what we are here for I guess :wink: Thanks for the help.

I had looked at the log and ignored the errors earlier I just assumed that as soon as I was able to get things working it would self create them. but I tried it as a last shot before again asking for more help. I guess I should have tried it earlier and then I could have just reported the bug.

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I know you have stated we don’t need to create profiles. but if i have a valid download source. would the coding for a “custom” profile be hard? for like the server I just set up is on curse, and shows up in the new curse voice client, but apparently not all of the packs are showing. there must be a repository we don’t know about. So If we could set up custom profiles the updating of said servers would be much easier. I tried to manually create a profile directory but mineos-node doesn’t detect it for the dropdowns.

Creating a custom profile would be hard, yes, since now there isn’t any saved list of profiles–all profiles are always 100% current and live, downloaded from the internet from their official sites.

Being able to create a custom profile is misleadingly valuable because one would think it’d simplify things to avoid the command line, but the long, email-filled history of confusion over profiles makes this–I believe–a much better alternative.

So, like I said, you don’t need to create custom profiles–and it won’t work to create a profile directory–just put the files right into the server’s live directory instead and that’s it. The profile dropdown is not necessary, at all. It is a convenience to move files to the server directory, but ultimately, you can have the profile be and it’ll still work because of the “use this jar” dropdown.

Or put another way:

The server status page will always list all .jar files in the live server directory.
If you have a profile selected, it will list all jar files in the live server directory and the selected profile’s jars.