Mineos-node feature request

I know it was requested for the previous version but can you please add BIOMESOP to the Level-Type dropdown it would help for a lot of these packs that you are now supporting.

Due to the huge variety of possible biomes, it now seems more prudent to just allow a user to type in directly the LEVEL-TYPE desired. I’ve removed the dropdown and replaced it with a normal inputbox, which will easily permit ‘BIOMESOP’ to be typed in at creation time (as well as it can be set any time before server start).

How will this work for those of us who don’t know the generic level types?

My best guess is if a user doesn’t know the generic ones, they probably wouldn’t want to apply it in the first place.

And if they really think “but I really do!”, then I suppose I encourage them to get up-to-date information about what they all do from a simple google search. According to the minecraft wiki page here: there are only DEFAULT, FLAT, LARGEBIOMES, AMPLIFIED and CUSTOMIZED.

Adding BIOMESOP might possibly suggest a level-type that wouldn’t do anything under pretty much every server pack available (except the one), unless they download and install it themselves. That makes the option useless to all people unless they already are going through a tutorial that would advise them to use BIOMESOP to begin with.

This is a usability trade-off. Either I give them a pre-set list (some of which don’t work, e.g., BIOMESOP) or I give them an inputbox (and they have to figure out which ones they want.

And if I were to put in CUSTOMIZED, as another example, it actually does nothing unless generator-settings is set…so again, the admin really would need to educate themselves on the settings rather than rely on the webui to just fill it out for them.

How about a drop down for standard values and then a custom option that gives a text box? Or at least a default value.

I’d certainly prefer a dropdown that also works as/with a textbox, but there’s much more work to make that happen cleanly. In the grand scheme, an input box allowing all valid values is better than the previous dropdown with only a few values, so it’ll have to do for now. This isn’t a high priority; I’d really rather put work toward polishing this and making it releasable, but so far, there have been no takers on trying out the webui and returning feedback about it.

I had it installed but I was having trouble interacting with the servers that I had created with the other webui. and I had just installed the new one without uninstalling the old webui should I uninstall the old webUI first? because I now don’t care about any of the servers I used to have. I’m ready to start new servers from scratch.