Mineos minecraft server loading slowly

when i tell the server to start it loads very slowly whe loading the worlds and it wont load the end. it also shows me these messages
16:25:12] [Spigot Metrics Thread/WARN]: Exception in thread “Spigot Metrics Thread”
[16:25:12] [Spigot Metrics Thread/WARN]: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
can someone please help me?

How much memory do you have, and how much memory are you allocating?

i have 2gb of ram and 10 or 20gb allocated and right now i am using 1024gb as -xms and -xmx
how much should i be using?

I don’t know how much you should be using, but I can tell you that whatever amount you’re using now isn’t enough, because of the error “OutOfMemoryError” that you’re getting.

That said, using Lubuntu uses up additional resources that wouldn’t be used if you installed a distro that did not have a desktop. That doesn’t mean to use Turnkey, but there are many alternatives to Turnkey that do not have desktops and would be well suited for a server installation.

so are you telling me that i should switch os?

No, I’m telling you:

  1. 1024 does not appear to be enough memory for Spigot
  2. Since you have a very low amount of memory available, if you find that you cannot get spigot to run because Spigot/webui/desktop all take too much resources, there are distros better suited for servers, if that need arises.

ok, thanks for all the help!

would you think that 3gb of ram is enough?

3GB would be a good number, probably not needing to be that high if you’re a low-pop server.

That said, if you only have 2gb of memory, then 3g is not an okay number.

im working on a low-pop server the problem arises in a state where noone can join, so if its using more than gb just to start how many would it use when theres 5-6 players on it?

I don’t think we can answer that for you. You, as the Minecraft admin, will have to look at the memory usage as people log in and play. Different playstyles, different plugins, and other factors will make memory-per-user vary.

because im running it on a vm that has a special amount of allocated ram for the vm. could it also be that the web-server is using some of the allocated ram and then the minecraft server cant allocate it?

The webserver is using memory, but it wouldn’t be competing for memory with Java. Either the memory is available at start time, or the server will not even launch.

If you’re getting OutOfMemoryError it means that Java got exactly what it asked for, but Spigot is asking for more than Java asked for.

oh ok
thx alot for all of the help!