MineOS logs me out straight away, i cant stop any servers

My MineOS server logs me out as soon as I log in through the mineOS webpage!

I have no idea what to do and commands to ‘fix’ the error never work!

Please do the following:
SFTP into the MineOS host.
Copy out the file mineos.log from the following location:


Provide us with the contents of your file. This will help us to help you diagnose this error.

I suspect you are thrown out after login because the MineOS WebUI crashes and resets. This means all open sessions gets reset, which will give you the impression of beeing forcefully logged out.

If you wish to do some fault hunting your self you can try the following:

SSH into the MineOS host
run the following command: sudo killall java
BE ADVICED: This will kill all your active minecraft servers, so be sure to force a save on all of them before you do this. Since you can’t log in you have to do this as administrator in from within the game:
Log in to each server as a player (make sure you have full op or administrator status)
Run the following command in the chat windows: /save-all
This forces a minecraft server to save all active tiles in memory to disk. Failing to save to disk before a killall java will lead to lost data since the last server save.

As I said; Killing all active java processes will stop all minecraft servers. After all of them are stopped, please try logging in to the MineOS webuit again. Are you still thrown out? If you can access the webui with no active servers, there probably is something wrong with one of the servers.

What commands are you doing to fix what error?

I used the commands in this link http://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Installing_MineOS as i thought they would update it, am i right?

No, you would not run the installation commands to update the webui.

Updating the webui is a different set of commands also in the wiki.

If you’re running into issues, copy/paste what you are typing–and the results that lead you to believe things went wrong.

okay thanks, i still dont get why im being kicked off of the site every time

Did you update and it’s still kicking you out?

Can you share your /var/log/mineos.log contents?