Mineos loading very slowly

When i start the server the log tells me it is loading the spawn area but it loads very slowly. can someone please help?

Is MineOS loading slowly?

Or is Minecraft loading slowly.

Because the latter typically points at: a) slow connectivity, b) insufficient hardware, c) excess of minecraft plugins/modifications.

the logs always tell that its loading slowly and i have a few plugins, it loaded alot faster on my desktop though
for exmaple it took 382621ms to load the nether and 468348ms for the overworld
sorry for late response

Specific information from logs shared with us would help troubleshoot.

If you are getting lines like Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 42921ms or 858 ticks behind then the answer is either your machine is ridiculously too underpowered to be a Minecraft server, or you have have grossly mis-allocated ram (too much or far too little).

Or your hardware is broken. Because 382 seconds sounds like it is hardware-related.

sorry for late reply but no its not showing any of these warnings in the logs