MineOS iso download link on webpage expired

The MineOS iso download link found on the main website has been expired so i cant get it

The file provider, syncplicity, decided to close my account due to lack of regularly occurring sign-ins.

I am currently in comtemplation of whether MineOS Turnkey will be continued in the future; there are many reasons why the coupling of a webui and an OS may not be desirable, but it appears that due to the project’s age, it may be less and less viable to continue to do so.

With docker, truenas, and install-on-anything, pushing users toward bare metal installations is becoming less and less common…and moreso, it’s becoming more and more problematic as the underlying debian system ages out.

MineOS has always aimed to appeal to the youngest audiences, and MineOS Turnkey has served them well with baremetal ISOs. The continuation of hardware compatibility questions and software repository updates, however, makes maintaining the ISO less desirable than ever, by comparison.

I will consider over the next few days, but it is very possible this 2010 project will decommission the Turnkey ISO in 2023.


oof well at least can we get a link on the wiki? or on github or something? or i am sure you can self host the iso assuming that this is all self hosted the website etc?

if you decide to no longer continue that would be a shame but can we still have a download for the iso? I mean it works in its current iteration still so that is never going to change it could just mean eventually that we stay stuck on an old distro because it all becomes to depreciated.

There is still demand for MineOS even no matter how big or small.

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It’s the ISO, specifically, and only regarding the ISO that may not continue–this does not refer to the general availability of MineOS as a webui.

For example, as Debian continues to update, users relying on the ISO will find that essential functions, like apt update will eventually not work–users will be forced to either continue using a End-of-life distro, or they will have to dist-upgrade.

It is my experience that many users who install MineOS Turnkey–these users do not dist-upgrade–their installation largely stays static, to prevent unknown issues that may arise from general userland upgrades and kernel upgrades. This kind of flies in the face of one of the initial tenets of MineOS which is to provide a secure and modern installation.

Aside from that, if you take a look at Turnkey related posts, you’ll see how many of these issues revolve around hardware not supported by the Turnkey distro; In so many cases this same hardware is supported successfully by other distributions, such as Ubuntu or CentOS.

MineOS the webui does work, and works without Turnkey. Tying together the OS and the webui has been historically convenient for many users, but the hidden downside was the complacency to aging systems and a sense that “MineOS Turnkey” is some sort of secret-sauce that requires it’s own MineOS-specific way of doing Non-MineOS tasks.

With that said, I don’t actually have a copy of the ISO as of right now; my most recent copy seems to be gone with the file provider syncplicity deactivating my account. Creating a new ISO requires me to redeploy Turnkey using Bullseye (rather than Buster), but this recreation step specifically is what doesn’t appeal to me… setting up tkldev environments, rebuilding, retesting, reuploading.

The loss of MineOS Turnkey shouldn’t indicate the end of MineOS, but if popularity slightly suffers from requiring users to install an OS that isn’t MineOS pre-installed…that’s likely something I can live with.

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Yeah makes sense i understand why and everything is changing in Linux. I don’t agree with some of it how its all changing.

I still have a recent copy of the turnkey ISO i am pretty sure i would have to look on my other PC but i think i have it there. I just never bothered to offer it initially for ethical reasons but if its of any use i can upload it.

I just know that myself i like MineOS Turnkey and i am sure others do too, and i have always preferred to use that distro over going for any other distro i have tried all sorts of distro combinations but MineOS Turnkey just has an appeal to it as its always been really well done and offers a good vantage point right out the gate.

Times are changing i guess and its understandable lol.

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Getting the TKLDEV environment was about as cumbersome as I remember it being, but nonetheless I’m happier to have done and eventually got through it at all reproduced a current ISO, completely up to date with the most recent commits.

Also updated in the wiki