Mineos isn’t working on CentOS 8 after install

So, I was installing mineos on centos 8 from the wiki. When I was done I tried to go to the PCs ip with port 8080 like it said in the wiki. It didn’t work. I don’t know why but I think it might be because I only copied the root side of the commands from the wiki. I was in the terminal as root. Completely copied and pasted from the wiki on the pc.

I don’t think you’re reading what you’re doing very much.

May host web-ui on any port, defaulting to 8080

This is found on the page labelled the “Python webui” which also says:

You should, however, consider using only the Node.JS-based webui, as it is actively maintained and the feature set well-exceeds the Python version.

Oh okay. I tried installing mineos on CentOS 8 with the node.js now. I tried using the convince installer after I tried manual. They both didn’t work when I typed in The local ip of the pc with port :8443. Thanks for helping.