MineOS is TEN years old!

Hi all,

As of December 2020, MineOS is now a decade old!

That’s ten years of Minecraft developments, various programming language iterations, web hosting, and personal time and efforts. MineOS has been a substantial milestone effort in my life, and I’m proud to have worked on this to help bolster users’ confidence and successes in hosting commercially and residentially.

Of course, after these many years it’s hard to maintain the same level of attention and focus that is required of a game that continues to explode in popularity and developmental changes!

So the main focus of this post is to find out what needs to happen to MineOS-node now, to keep it usable for the near future.

Such items of interest would be critical items that threaten MineOS’ usability, such as Java versions, profiles, and the like. Naturally, bugs/errant behavior are critical to fix (and hopefully they all can and will be), but this is focusing on a working experience for a new install, right out of the box.

Everybody, let me know what needs work so we can help get this all modernized!


The issues we get the most questions about are :

  1. java or java version
    Is it possible to get the WebUI to check and write out the current java version(s) installed, and check that against a list of known dependecies for the most used servers?

  2. WebUI stability issues when hosting huge servers (WebUI hangs and such)
    There is a recent thread that tried to check into when a server makes MineOS hang, and where in the scripts this happends.

  3. FTB-style servers
    I dont know quite what we can do here, as most of the errors reported here is due to java version, crashing server jars, or mismatching plugins and mods.

  4. File locations and file transfers
    Is it possible to have a file transfer utility to add files to a mod plugin (if it is the right type of server) or to upload local server jar, instead of using the profiles? We get wuite a lot of requests from users wanting to run one or another custom server.

  5. node.js and modules
    You did a gerat job updatng things as far as you could without crashing MineOS, but we are still getting errors and warnings…

Is it feasible updating node to a more modern version? or would it make more sense getting the ruby version done? I seem to remember you saying that you had most of the back end done, and that there was a lot of work on the UI left.

MineOS is available on github, maybe more of us could chip in and try to help? Should we maybe look into making a dev-team?

But wow… 10 years. Gratulations!

Congrats on the amazing milestone and thank you for producing such a wonderful product that has bought much joy to many.

I would echo the above, we need a better way to manage Java versions. With the advent of 1.17 around the corner a lot of us using MineOS turnkey are feeling that we are going to be left behind. Currently there is no way that I can see to upgrade the Java from 8.

If you know a concise why, please do share with us.


Wow! That’s old how did they even create it?!

Ideas I have are:

  1. an easier way to get the logs from the WebUI so that they could be posted.

  2. implement an “update WebUI” script function from the site as well.

  3. A “nice to have” would be an SSH and sFTP portal to the OS, and have it user restricted by a group permission.

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node on newer than 10 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This part would actually be solved by the system it self, since MineOS uses the underlying OS’s user managmenet system. So any use in the user defined to a ssh-enabled group would have this right. But for new and unexperienced users i think a coknsole portal and file transfer portal would be a nice addition. I myself would probably still prefere filezilla and putty.

Yes that is exactly what I was trying to do tonight. That is get logs from Web UI but only had a small amount of history and no easy way to copy / paste etc.

I’m just gonna toss out a big thank you to the folks who made MineOS. I’m an old-school, long-time sysadmin and tech guy and MineOS finally made my job skills relevant to my 14-year old son. :slight_smile: I wanted to get a Minecraft server off the ground for him and his friends with minimal muss and fuss. MineOS is all I could ask for. Super easy, well organised, reliable as heck. Every time I google something to do server-side on a Minecraft server, it’s really obvious how I do that in my MineOS Minecraft servers. He’s managing his own stuff, he’s buliding worlds, coding both at the command block level and now dabbling a bit with unix-level stuff.

How do I send a thank you to the relevant developers? And by “thank you” I mean cold, hard cash. There’s no patreon, paypal, or similar tip jar for the devs (at least not that I’m seeing).

For now, this little “thank you” post will have to do.

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Thanks so much for your post, as it is absolutely the case I was hoping for, in creating MineOS. As a career sysadmin and lifetime programmer, I’ve spent countless hours at a command line, always thinking “how would this be better, automated?” Tying that in with learning a new programming language each time I improve the UI, and you have a passion project that endured for a decade.

I’m super thrilled to hear your 14-year old finds it managable to use, and that it is encouraging an even-deeper dive into *nix! Warms the heart!

btw, there is a paypal donate button (yellow) at the bottom of the website! I definitely never gave it sufficient visibility~

Must say that i’m surprised that mineos is still alive after this long time, i intended to install it on my kids minecraft server so they could administrate it from anywere, the site gave me an first impression of an outdated solution that have been dormant for some time until i visited the forum and noticed the activity in here. maybe some news on the front page would not be so bad to make it more visible that you are still going strong. :slight_smile: sorry for my complains :roll_eyes: