MineOS installed on Ubuntu - Host a website on same server?


I’m relatively new to MineOS, having used Turnkey for a couple of years with mixed success (a lot because of a 4GB RAM server and memory leaks).
Now I’ve moved to a “Much” better Ubuntu server with 2x quad core Xeon’s + 32GB RAM, and I’m currently only running MineOS on this Ubuntu server. Latest version, and it works perfectly!!

But I’ve also set up Overviewer to (currently) run every night at 00:00, but I don’t have a web server for it yet.
I was wondering if there is any possibility to set up a site (port 80) which goes straight to the output of Overviewer (wherever it is easier to access it). Is https needed? Where can it be stored?

I’m not quite sure how the MineOS Web-UI is set up, and how I can have another site on port 80. (MineOS is currently set to 8080 (8443 isn’t opened in FW yet). Can I “easily” set up a page where “domain.com” is directed to Overviewer’s rendered map, while “domain.com:8080” is directed to MineOS Web-UI?

Sorry for my ignorance here, but I’m a bit new on the web part of Linux.

Though the webui is a webserver, you can just as readily think of MineOS as just some service on 8080; it is isolated and self-contained.

To start up a webserver for your own overviewer map, you can set it up alongside the webui. For example, if you downloaded nginx, it’d run on 80 (or 443, etc), and it wouldn’t interfere with MineOS, nor would it need to know that MineOS even exists, in its config.

HTTPS is not required for either nginx nor MineOS, but there are reasons to prefer it whenever authentication is put to use.

TLDR; if you follow any tutorial that helps you set up overviewer, provided you do not deliberately run it on port 8080 (where your MIneOS is running), it will work.

One of my wishes for a future MineOS is the posibillity for a choice at installation (or later by editing config) where you can choose a contained streamlined webservice like it is today (Default choice), or add necesary files to an existing webserver installation.

I also run a webserver (on another server, but I could easily move it if I needed), and I would love to combine servers doing basically the same task down to one server.

This isn’t likely to be a very desirable choice, though, on account of the webui being a long-running background process requiring elevated permissions.

For example, the webui runs as an ongoing service with root permissions. Your webserver process doesn’t run as root (nor would you want it to) and on top of that, a webserver (such as apache, nginx, lighttpd) won’t run the node server files. Webservers can using things like CGI, execute a nodejs script, but when CGI is used, it’s usually for quick, short-lived processes like PHP scripts with persistent DB backends; MineOS on the other hand has no DB backend, lives 24/7 and doesn’t need to keep state.

Realistically, the best step up from where it currently is is Docker, which actually exists already (mineos-docker on github), but usually the level of expertise for those trying out MineOS are not also very familiar with Docker, it’s own storage system, and containers/vms.

You also wouldn’t want nodejs (and the webui) to host other websites, because again: it’s running as root, so for the most part, the separation that already exists for this process is near-ideal, much like how you have your SSHD process running as root, and your webserver as www-data; separation is both clean and safe.

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Ah, excellent! I was thinking I had to do some Apache settings etc. to make it work, I didn’t know that MineOS was a completely self-contained service.

So I could do whatever I want in terms of Overviewer then? I could setup Apache or whichever web server I’d like and it’s OK?

I’m not sure if I need https for Overviewer, any one else have experience with that? AFAIK Overviewer doesn’t have any logins or functions that needs to encrypted, it’s just a web-page.