MineOS in Docker

Hi, I’m running MineOS in Docker and setup some sheduled task that does not appear to work verry well. I tried to doublecheck my crontab entry in the console but my Docker container told me that the crontab command is not found. Can you please share some insights on how the sheduled task is working in Mineos Docker Container?


MineOS implements npmjs packages cron 1.3: GitHub - kelektiv/node-cron at 08e197eb80d5302b68b6b07dd4da2f505c612cd3

It’s not system cron, but merely the ability to parse cron-like commands within node.

The cronjob itself is wholly dependent on a long-running process to be running all the time (in this case server.js), which holds all the cronjobs in memory and executes them as they’re programmed.

The cronjobs themselves are written to disk as cron.config for each server, in their respective server directory. When the webui is started–or when a new server is detected–this file is re/read and the cronjobs are “resubmitted” to the server backend.

As long as the server.js process is running, it should be able to check and trigger all the entries. Which leaves us with the two crucial questions:

  1. can we verify the cronjob to make sure it does what you intend
  2. can we verify that the webui runs the cronjob

Let’s start with: whats the cron job you’re trying to run, and what have you put into the webui?

I did a server migration from Freebsd Jail to Docker. when messing around trying to make thing working I may broke something. At one point I needed to create a new server from an archive and that appear to fix the issue. Now all completed sheduled task appear in the calendar in the webui. Both working and not working cron.config files look the same (file perm and file content). Probably the new server detection trigger the cron file resubmission.

source=5 6 * * *

source=5 4 * * *

source=5 02 * * 1-5