MineOS Import World Issues -- Bukkit / Spigot

I successfully installed MineOS and logged in to the Web UI. I am trying to import an existing world, which runs on a Spigot build of Craftbukkit. Basically it is CraftBukkit-7.10, but people can log in using the 1.8 Minecraft launcher as well.

I logged on as root and added a Profile.

I activated the Urofile by clicking “Update”.

From there I was able to log in as not-root, and start the server instance. I ended up needing to remove the server ip address from the config file (I had mistakenly put it in there). I left the port as 25565.

I have tried connecting on Mulitplayer, and I can’t connect.

On the console, it looks like the server is kind of launching somewhat okay, but it looks like there are some errors with some of the plugins. I am seeing things like:

[[Multiverse-Portals]] Enabling Multiverse-Portals v2.5-b699
[[Multiverse-Portals]] - Version 2.5-b699 Enabled - By Rigby and fernferret
[[Netty IO #0/WARN]]: Failed to create a new channel from an accepted socket.
Error occurred while enabling WorldGuard v5.9
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

I tried using -XX:MaxPermSize=256m but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I have also tried connecting while leaving the port setting empty, with no effect.

Is there a preferred version of CraftBukkit I should be using. I realize that Bukkit is in the midst of political battles, but assuming I have access to Bukkit-1.7.10 and 1.7.9 for example… Should I try with one of those?

Could it be a problem with one of the other plugins (Multiverse, Survival Games, etc.)?

These three items aren’t related. Java’s heap size is JAVA_XMX, not MaxPermSize. Were you advised that MaxPermSize would address this?

I googled the error code, and that’s what I found. But I don’t think that’s the main issue anyway, and the java tweak didn’t seem to change anything.

The java tweak to MaxPermSize shouldn’t be expected to change anything. I’m pretty familiar with all the arguments commonly and uncommonly used in Minecraft and MaxPermSize is a very specific and mostly unnecessary change to Java memory allocation.

That said, Java heap size means change the value for Java_XMX, which literally is the “maximum heap size” for Minecraft and likely much more relevant to the error you’re getting.

As far as the other error,

I’m not at all familiar with Netty IO, but that seems like a plugin issue with Worldguard. This, too, seems outside of the realm of Java to fix (but likely the plugins installed need to be examined).

Sounds good. I’ll work on it and let you know how it goes. Thanks.

I deleted all the plugins and it is working now. I will try to reinstall the plugins one by one.

It looks like MultiVerse is the plugin which is not working.

I was able to install WorldGuard and WorldEdit just fine. I tested them out and they appear to be working as normal.

When I install MultiVerse-Core I get a bunch of console errors and I can’t join the server.

Do you know if anyone has successfully tested MultiVerse on MineOS. I will try out Transporter and see if that works. Although my portals are all currently set up on MultiVerse so it would be quite a bit of work to reconfigure them all for Transporter…

I can’t think of any reason why MineOS would interfere with its operation. MineOS is merely Debian Linux with a couple of Python scripts The nature of Java is that all code runs in a sandboxed environment controlled by java and isolated from the rest of the system. Thus, it’s more pertinent to check if there is any version incompatibilities between any of the installed plugins and MultiVerse-Core, or if there is a new version that maybe addresses this (of MV-C or of any plugins).

That said, the console errors you get are probably going to contain the necessary information to find the solution…

With MultiVerse mostly I get a bunch of java heap errors like the ones I pastd before. This is the newest version of Multiverse, and it works fine when I run it directly from the ssh Terminal using java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit-1.8.jar -o true.

I’ve just been loading the server using screen and letting it run, but I am hoping to get it running on MineOS.

EDIT: I increased the Xmx and Xms in the server config to 1024 from 256 (on the Web UI), and it seems to be working better now. I will do more testing.

Two things:

What is -o true? Is this actually an argument that is doing something?

And two: when you run it manually are you running it as root? If so, you could potentially have botched permissions. Running a server as ‘root’ chowns new files to root:root, which non-root have insufficient permissions on.

Again, even if you’re getting more of the same kind of errors, providing the errors is the only way to move forward.

I have no idea what -o true does. That came from some tutorial instructions for setting up a server. I’m definitely not loading it as root. Changing the Xms and Xmx seems to be helping. I will keep testing.

Great news! It is working! It seems like increasing the Xmx and Xms from the Web UI took care of the java heap problem and now the plugins are working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support. I’m really pleased to have MineOS working now. I will be trying it out during the upcoming days.