MineOS / Homelab Discord

Hey all! As this forum is a bit bare, and dying out I just wanted to let you know about the discord that is quite active, for all the people who are trying to get support and want people to chat with about most things server related we’d love more members!

If you’d like some help, my @ is Alex The Zoomer #9314 and there is a lot of others who are more than happy! There is updated guides on how to get MineOS Ubuntu, and Turnkey working and some extra Scripts for Ubuntu…

See you all soon!

You know why that isn’t great? That discord server is invisible to web searching. This forum gets lots and lots of hits when someone googles. So the problem with writing things in discord instead of on a forum is that nobody can see that, nobody can search that, and so they will have to come into your discord and ask the same n00b question that you’ve answered before. The best thing about the forums is that they are searchable, organised, and they appear in search results when someone is looking for stuff. I would urge you not to make everything a real-time conversation that hinges on who happens to be online. Migrate the stuff that gets said in discord over to a forum where someone can search and find it without having to come have a real-time conversation.

So I partially agree with you, but there are a couple of things I wanna mention. This server has been around for what I wanna say years… I personally have been with them coming up on 3 years now, so the server itself wasn’t new. The thing was, the goal was actually kinda what you said here. I personally wanted something to come up if you put “MineOS discord” in Google and have it indexed that way. The problem is, in theory if 90% of these posts on this weren’t older than 2013 and there was more than 8-9 posts a week maximum it would all make sense, and I’d agree with you. The thing that I’ve seen many times, is that people who aren’t familiar with Linux (As the Turnkey method is super unreliable on bare metal) have to ethier give up, or wait days (or weeks) to get a potentially unhelpful response and give up entirely. The team over on the discord (including myself) is honestly happy with helping everyone that comes through because we know we’re helping someone and the most we ever get is 1-2 people who need help, a day. So it’s nice having both resources for someone who a) isn’t familiar with surfing forums or b) just doesn’t wanna wait days for a response. Hope I convinced you! :blush:

Plus, it’s a super nice community of people who just enjoy other things besides MineOS!

I’m glad it’s a bunch of friendly people. All I’m saying is that if this is the way the community wants to go, and especially if you want to be the “friendly front door” for the lost and confused, you should edit the things that are prominent in search results. I.e., the wiki, the pinned messages on this forum, etc. And you’ll do a big service to those people who come to discord if you just write it down on the wiki in a step-by-step, n00b’s guide.

Not everyone is capable of having real-time discord conversations. (a) they might not speak your language, (b) they might not be online at reasonable time because they live in another time zone. Anybody can copy/paste some text into google translate and get a halfway-decent translation into a language they speak better. They’ll never do that in real-time in a discord channel, but they’ll do that with the wiki pages and forum posts all day long.

I’d urge you to extract some of the really useful information that’s coming out in discord back into some forum post or wiki page so that it benefits more people.

Just to clarify something:
The discord is maintained by @dreamemek, while MineOS, this forum, and the MineOS Wiki is maintained by @hexparrot.

For me discord is just another social media thingy, and I have enough of those. So allthoug I have a discourd user, I rarely use it unless I have to. A friend ran an RPG there a while, and there is another piece of scirpt I use that only use discord for support and forum. I dislike that, since it makes it hopeless to search for hints, tips, allready solved problems and so on, but not as much as everyone onyl using youtube to explain text based help. I want to be able to copy and paste the commands ans script pieces I should try, not write every thing doen by hand from a lousy youtube video!

Necro this old post because i am bored and reading some old posts on here. My 2 cents i am on the discord server you are talking about too but its no replacement for this forum. In fact it is better to have a forum that is indexed on search engines as opposed to a discord link that is harder to promote and would effectively make MineOS more niche market than it already is.

Any passion project that takes itself serious needs two things one a wiki and two a forum ok three if they are open source then a Github too.

Why? Simply because people can and do come across MineOS naturally by searching MInecraft server related stuff in any search engine. If you go search https://discourse.codeemo.com/ on and SEO metric site it will show you that people are searching abstract tags and like “world builder Minecraft” fore example and Mineos forum will come up inside those searches.

You would be hard pressed to get that sort of saturation on a discord server.


  • Bleeding edge layout that works and is also fast without any bloat or non relevant features allthough it has all the features we would want when we want to relay information to other people.

  • The search engine is very good on this forum plus we can even tie it into our browsers native searching features as it has opensearch functionalities.

  • The forums is indexed SE

The discord is great for those who may want quicker answer but this is also no always guaranteed either it is also not official and it also serves as a means to fragment community away from here where we should be i mean i do go on the discord also and it is good but i still think this forum way surpasses it.

Information archives better on a forum like this because its naturally suited to that not to mention discord is suited more to talking to people in a conversation type format where as a forums is more suited to relaying information for people to diagnose problems or relay information in a more structured way.

if you have ever had to wad through countless posts on a discord server because you are trying to find information then yeah its not fun at all.

Plus the discord search function is not very good and is actually lack luster it cannot even determine things like white space very well.