MineOS/FreeNAS - Forge is missing from list Jars/Packs


I’ve managed to get few MineOS servers up-and-running on FreeNAS 11.3-U5. in the past

Q) Forge missing from List

Today I tried to create another instance of one for the kids, and found that “Forge” was Missing from the list of Jars/Packs. It’s been a while since I setup the Forge moded server, and as I recall it was just one click to download Forge into the server profile. What’s up? Anyone else having this issue. Is something broken?

I’m a long time user of FreeNAS but still a NOOB, admin isn’t my main job.
Any help would be appreciated,


I was able to get this question answer over at FreeNas/TrueNas forum. ((Link to FreeNAS Q&A)

Jurgen Segaert replied to my question with the following:
"The Forge-project changed where they store their profiles. This was fixed in the upstream MineOS project.
If you are running FreeNAS 11.3-U5 and the MineOS plugin, you’ll have to rebuild MineOS from source to get the latest and greatest version that fixed this issue.

Do not use the “update” function. Go to the command line/shell inside your jail and enter the following commands:

service mineos stop
cd /usr/local/games/minecraft
git stash
git pull
npm install jsegaert/node-userid
echo "CXX=c++ npm install" | sh
service mineos start

Hope this helps others

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