MineOS downloading invalid spigot BuildTools.jar

Downloading spigot BuildTools.jar results in a file that does not function and has an md5 hash of 7b5ea53ba332630e5aca8e4abb807f70. Manually downloading the latest BuildTools.jar gives a functional file with an md5 hash of ca49ad9b297b3102cc72f82448e25df8. I checkecd the profiles.js file in MineOS and the url is the same as the url I used to manually download the latest buildtools.

The URL is good, but the website has protections against direct downloads. That is, in a browser, all the HTTP forwarding/etc that occurs that allows you to seamlessly get to the download don’t occur with the CURL download implemented in MineOS.

The Buildtools host put up web-based monetization, and that’s what broke it.

That’s strange, the manual download I did was with a Curl command and it downloaded a perfectly valid file.

Sorry, not curl, request.

At any rate, if the URL is unchanged and still works, and the underlying code is still the same and works for all other downloads, then we can chalk it up to whatever spigot did to protect their files from direct download / monetization.

That also means there’s likely a module that will work, but it’s indeterminate when I’ll be able to check that.

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Same issue on my server. Running wget via the terminal when SSH’ed in works fine, but the command within the GUI fails.

I can’t figure out where the webUI is downloading the invalid build tools.jar file to replace it. Where are you running wget? Right in the profile folder?

EDIT: Sorry for the ping, find . -name "BuildTools.jar" revealed it’s in /var/games/minecraft/profiles/BuildTools-latest