MineOS - Changing Rdiff Command Executed

I’m having issues finding the location which I can edit the rdiff command being executed. My issue is that when I pre-genned a large amount of my world to prevent lag it created a massive world file, which is 13 gigs large. My backups now have a hard time actually performing the backups, so I would like to not backup the folder in which the regions are being stored.

My issue is causing me to have a memory leak every time we create a restore, and needs to be fixed asap. Where can I find the file in which I can edit the rdiff command and or how can I choose not to backup a certain section of files?

Sorry for the necro reply…
I forgot to check on this. Very much so a noob here…

I only seem to have mineos.py, no mineos.js? Any idea where I would find the same thing in the py, or where I can find the js file?

Having a python file means you have the old, old version of MineOS, which hasn’t been the recommended download for years now.

See this link for downloads: https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Main_Page#Pre-configured_ISOs

MineOS (python version) hasn’t been maintained/updated for a few years now, so it’ll feel pretty dated. Nonetheless, the line you’re looking for is here.

Fairly positive this is the default option on www.soyoustart.com, might want to contact them to change that.


I have recently changed to JavaScript version of MineOS and added the one exemption to my list, but would like to exempt multiple files. How would I add more arguments to the exemption list?