MineOS can't run on more ram

So I set up a server for my friends and apparently I can’t run more than 4092 MBs of ram If I add 6144 or more the server doesn’t start.

Are you getting any errors messages? Can you post the output?

Also, that specs/environment does the build have?

Coming back to this post. I just decided to leave the server with 4GB of ram. Specs are Dual L5640 Xeon Procecross. 24GB ECC DDR3 Ram Trip Channel. It’s an older server from dell but gets the job done for a simple Minecraft server. I recently Made an Earth-SMP server and the server runs perfectly. I currently have three Minecraft worlds (servers) running. I figured out the physical server can’t handle four servers without crashing completely. I haven’t diagnosed the problem why but it really does not matter since I’m happy with what I got

I would run a memtest on all your ram dimms you may have bad ram. https://www.memtest86.com/
Otherwise it does not really make sense that you cannot allocate more than 4GB you have a lot of redundancy.

Edit: Since sleeping i just woke up and it came to me it was like 3am when i posted here initially lol. You are not running 32bit version of what ever OS you are using? that would explain a 4GB hardcap because 32bit systems only have an address space up to 4GB. Meaning that any application can only utilize up to 4GB.

I can’t remember if Debian 9 I installed is 32bit or 64bit. But either way, when I specify 4092Mb of ram, it ends up using around 5.5Gb of ram way. For the three servers I’m running, I specify 4092Mb of ram for each. Right now, all three servers are using around 5.6Gb of Ram

But the Server does run on 5Gb of ram. I can tell MineOS to use 5Gb. That’s why in my initial post I said 'If I add 6144Mb or more the server doesn’t start." The server does start on 5Gb of ram but not 6Gb

That is fine was just a logical response on my part because i was following the logical sequence that most people follow and that is the counting by 2 when dealing with allocation. So logically 6144 is the next logical step from 4096.

I did not even consider that someone who is talking about not being able to allocate 6144mb (keyword because its setting the basis here) in their op is even trying 5gb because you actually never told us so until now and we can only assume because we are not mind readers and the assumption was 6144 being the next logical allocation not 5120 because its logic and also because you said in ur op

Therefore my earlier response was also a logical one because most logicial ppl aint doing 5gb

Idk then it seems pretty strange tbh memtest the ram because i cannot really see any reason at this point why there should be any problem