Mineos can't remove server profiles under manage profiles

Hi i want to remove a sever profile but i get an error if i want to remove them
“Ignoring command {remove_profile}; User does not have permissions on this profile”
and if i try to update them i get this
“update_profile [error]”

EDIT: and yes i’m loged in with root

Hrm, as root, you definitely should be able to do everything. So let’s check a few things:

  1. do you get the same error trying to remove/update profiles as the non-root user that you use to make servers? (if you’re using MineOS Turnkey, this is ‘mc’ by default)
  2. Have you edited the profiles.config file manually at any point?
  3. Are all your created profiles visible?

yes i can’t update/remove it with the mc user
yes i have edited that i can login on ssh with root
yes they are all visible

Not sure, but manually editing it might have been where some issue was introduced to the file. Can you copy/paste the file here for review?

Also, checking the permissions of the file, what is the owner/group of profiles.config for you?

this is the sshd_config at /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Don’t need the sshd config, but instead the profiles.config (/var/games/minecraft/profiles/profiles.config)

if i remove the text are they automatic removed?

save_as = spigot.jar
url = http://download686.mediafire.com/jdmg9ptm2iwg/1o0w7yd9l5vajek/spigot.jar
ignore =
run_as = spigot.jar
type = standard_jar

Yes, if you were to remove this text, the profile would be removed. Can you check the ownership of the profiles.config file?

how do you mean ownership?

EDIT: do you mean in the sftp stands an tap ownership? so yes there is standing root

Nevermind, I uploaded the jar with sftp