Mineos can not see if minecraftserver crash

Hi, i have some problem, if server crash and shot down. I have to kill java manually (yes kill in tasks) .

And then it see at the server is down (i can understand Mineos can have problem to reboot but even Multicraft can see if server crash).

Other problems is
The server has been generating logs beyond the rate-limit threshold. Log tailing has stopped and can be re-enabled by refreshing the webui. way not refresh on the fly or auto clean old data (others can do this).

One more error
File is too large (> 256 KB). Only newly added lines will appear here.
when server crash and i do F5 on webos pages, is on the top (it stay no mater how many times i use F5).

Can you describe how you installed MineOS? Are you using a bare metal box, a virtual machine, or a service like FreeNAS or unRAID? Please post your log files for review.

Large logs put a big strain on the server and on the webui (and on your desktop browser). Note, the logs are pushed to your webui whether or not you are actively watching it–this is the reason why it exists, so the 5% of the time people are watching logs doesn’t actually result in 100% of the time the webui being performantly impacted by the logs.

If you want to watch the large logs, it is recommended you do it from the console, where no other functionality would be impacted.

Sure, it’d be more convenient if everything could just go through your browser, but if a log is producing 80 lines per second for several seconds–and continues to do so–then something is the problem and I’m okay with the notion that administrators use more than one tool to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve problems.

With regard to autocleaning old data, if you submit a pull request for this modification, I will review it and merge it in.