MineOS as a client side OS

I was wondering if there was any work on a linux distro of minecraft for clients. In other words, an OS that is specifically made to play minecraft in hopes reducing wasted resources.

It’s unlikely there would be much appeal for an OS just to play, since Minecraft would require a desktop environment and it would be a hard sell to say ‘format your hdd just to play one game’.

Typically it’s the server that really only is super demanding. But to that end, any Linux distro that claims to be a minimalistic desktop distro would be your answer, since there is no meaningful client-side tweaking for a JVM app.

Find a distro that advertises minimalism, has XFCE desktop by default, and install Java and that should be it. But again, probably more work than it’s worth compared to, say, Linux Mint and installing Minecraft, since you’re getting mostly the same performance out of it, likely.

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I also think that the closes you come to something like this is the Rasberry Pi solution, but even they are just a standard OS running a minecraft jar…

And you have something like this: https://www.buildpiper.com/

The thing with this direction is that it is not really a desktop PC, so you’ll be making a more or less dedicated miencraft gaming device.

You could, with the rasberry PI direction build a emulator game console that runs minecraft as well as other game simulators. There are several guides on how to do such a thing a small googling away.


The goal is to host Minecraft cloud gaming for some friends since they don’t have the computing power necessary to play modded Minecraft. If there was a specific OS I could simply have them connect via a launcher I already have built.

I see.

Well, then you are definitely in the wrong place. MineOS is a Minecraft server administration system using a WebUI. Development of Minecraft itself is outside the scope of MineOS.

As for Minecraft as a cloud service, I have heard of no such projects. I haven’t specifically looked for any either.

Do you have the computing power to run a modded server and three clients? It seems to me like it would be better to take a look at the number of mods you are running, and removing those you do not really need to slim down your system, as minecraft really is made to run on quite low spec systems (you can run it on a Rasperry Pi!). Or look at what plugs are available for the bukkit versions, and if any of those will do what you want them to do. Bukkit plugins run serverside, while the clients connect with a normal unmodded minecraft client.

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The ideal situation would be that I could run 100 mods per client and they could use even a chromebook. I appreciate all the responses and will probably be back as I do plan to use MineOS on my server.