MineOS 2 Servers at same time

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I have a question… I didnt tried it yet but i wanna run 2 servers at the same time on mineOS… How can i do that? I mean i only got one IP to connect to a server but how do i get the IP from the other server? You know what i mean?

Well it would be nice if someone could help me Thanks :slight_smile:

When you host a minecraft server, you have many different IPs and Ports that will be used, in different ways, to distinguish your servers.

  1. You have a public IP–this IP is assigned to your modem, and used by your router to share networking to all your devices. This is the number you’ll see on https://www.whatismyip.com/
  2. Your minecraft server has a private IP, e.g., Similarly, your desktop has an IP, e.g.,
  3. When your desktop connects to the minecraft server, it connects, but more specifically,
  4. If you host an additional server, you’d host on a new port:
  5. When other users from outside your network want to connect with their desktops, they’ll provide different IP, but the matching ports, e.g.,
    their ip address[your public-ip]:25565 or [your public-ip]:25570

But here, the traffic goes from their client, to your modem, to your router and it has no idea where to send either of these requests, to either server.

So from here you implement “Port Forwarding”–instructions specific to your router will allow you to intercept any inbound traffic on 25565 and 25570 and send it to, and the respective port. This is how you may have as many servers on your MineOS host as you wish.

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I dont understand exactly can you explain it more easier?

One MineOS installation can in theory run as many minecraft servers you like, if you have hardware strong enough, and you can compile yourself a version of the utility “screen” that is not hard limited to 40 sessions. A standard MineOS installation is thus limited to max 40 servers, if you have enough memory and processors available.

To run more than one server you need to give each server its own port number. If you look at the server.properties you will see a setting that say “server port” that default is set at 25565. This is also the standard miencraft port so any game connections tries that port if nobody tells the game otherwise.

So to have another game server, you need to use another port number, for example 25566 (one number up). You players then need to tell the game to connect to another port. They do that by adding (in this example) “:25566” behind the server address. Note the " : "

This only helps you on your LAN (home network). If you want to allow them in through the internet, you need to set up “port forwarding”. Take a look at this page to research this, and possibly find a howto for your internet router. : https://portforward.com/

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Now i got it thank you… I will try it

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The only thing I want to add is that, event if you assign your multiple servers a unique port number, the iptables must accept data to pass through. That is one of the security measures Linux takes to prevent “backdoor” access. This is true no matter where the request comes from, internal network or internet.

This thread may help in getting that configured as well.

It took me a few tries to get my server working for multiple services, not just Minecraft.

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