Minecraft & Spigot 1.9 Release

With the release of Minecraft & Spigot 1.9 will you be updating the WebUI to able to select any of the new jar files, any time soon?

Or could anyone recommend how to manually update the server? I know enough about Linux to be dangerous…and could probably muddle through it.

All you have to do is ssh in and restart MineOS

supervisorctl stop mineos
supervisorctl start mineos

Once you do that, log back in tot the web ui.

Does Refresh Profile List from the dropdown at the top-right not work?

Thanks kaynine. That worked. (or I should say rebooting the server worked)

Doh…I didn’t even see that all the way up there hexparrot. Thanks!

Hex I tried that it did nothing, showed the same for Spigot, however on the Minecraft, Mohammed it showed 1.9

Alright, in that case it should be sufficient to–by any means possible–restart the webui. Each webui restart downloads the most recent JSON files (or equivalent). Whether that’s from restarting the webui service directly or rebooting the server, that should be all that really is required now and in the future.

Wow … Not sure how i missed that one … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have that list but it does refresh on its own if I have page open and click browser refresh, my webui is slow at times, is there anything I can do to speed it repair it. I’m running turnkey and just updated all the packages in webmin software package updates.

I was able to get server 1.9.jar from the minecraft site and created my own profile.
Then changed the properties for each server.

What commit are you on and when was the last time you updated the webui (not something done through webmin)

You must be on a different webui, the python based one, since you don’t create profiles in the more modern webui.

I guess I have never updated Webui thought I was updating all in Webmin. I’m using MineOS turnkey 64 bit my Webmin is 1.770 rest I’m not sure how to get info for. I did do a webui refresh and it seems to be better but still slow when servers are starting. drop down boxes don’t load about 30 seconds to a min while servers are starting up, one or more don’t matter off course more servers starting means long delay.

I get to the npm install and I get npm: command not found. has the command change or am I at wrong help page.

Once again Thanks Hex, got it to load up with a server reboot. I also re-updated the WebUI looks like you been busy! keep up the great work.