MineCraft EDU support?

Hello all,

I still love this product and would like to make sure you know how appreciated it is that you’ve taken so much of your time to build such a professional looking and feeling product. There isn’t anything quite like it out there.

That being said, because of my knowledge on building and managing minecraft servers, it’s kind of a hobby, I have been asked (at work) if I could spearhead the deployment and administration of Minecraft EDU since we are piloting a project for our school district.

The entire packaging and the way their server launcher works is pretty intuitive for the average user, but being a systems administration at heart, I felt that providing our staff and students with a more stable system hosted on MineOS could suit their needs in a more manageable and secure setup. We run a virtual infrastructure so all this setup is running virtually using turnkey 64bit ISO on a vmware host.

The MineOS is built and ready to go, and I was watching the most recent installation video the dev created (August 2015) and have to say I am impressed with the changes since I last touched it.

Since MinecraftEDU has its own development path, I was wondering if the devs or the community had ideas on how I could deploy and manage the EDU worlds it builds, and maybe even the server ‘tools’ it offers, and implement it somehow into the MineOS web UI.

Currently what I am trying to do is document and create a working EDU built server, hosted on MineOS. When building my ‘profile’, I was hoping I’d see ‘EDU’ in the list, but being that EDU is a paid plugin/mod, it’s obvious why it’s not listed.

In any of your opinions, how would I go ahead and get a server running, with multiple worlds copied over and ready to be played on.

My ideas are to have, a) the tutorial world uploaded, b) a newly created EDU world uploaded

They use 1.7.2 as their stable standard and thus far are not moving along to a future version anytime soon. If it works, it works.

Anyone else have this scenario or something similar? Any input, any guide, anything really.

I’m certain I can figure things out on my own, but why re-invent the wheel and why not see what others might suggest to make my life a little easier, and maybe even return the favor and share my own results and document them here and on reddit.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I personally haven’t ever had any experience with Minecraft EDU, so I’m not altogether too familiar with how the servers themselves are set up.

From what I’ve gleaned on the wiki, Minecraft EDU should be not much different from a normal server JAR, correct–simply version 1.7.2?

Are there any special steps taken to make an EDU world rather than a non-EDU world? I’m sure there’s plenty of things that can be automated nicely, but I suppose I just need a better understanding of what we’re working with.

Hey, this is about 4 months later, but the project was put on hold for a little bit and so I am back and I can provide a little more information.


This guide assumes you are running a headless debian box and you would simply like to launch the server with a couple commands

The ‘launcher’ tools seem to create an entire directory structure that includes a subdirectory that seems to rely on a different structure than I am used to.

I believe sharing the files is ‘legal’ but if you let me know what you need to see if this can be an officially supported package, I will do my best to provide or share with you what I can.


If it’s as easy as the wiki you linked showed, we really just need

a) evidence it’s legal to distribute


b) a url it can be downloaded from (an official source)