Minecraft Console?

I have just setup a spigot server with mineos, with a few hiccups (sorted), and need to access the console. You know the one you can enter “op UserName” just to test commands before i add plugins and all that stuff but i cant find any sort of minecraft console in the webui
thx in advance

You can submit commands and see server output on the logging tabs (on the bottom left, with a server selected). The text box at the bottom of this page (plus pressing enter) will submit it for you.

Also, you can from the terminal attach to the screen process. Using a command like screen -r mc-servername will allow you to connect directly to the actual server console. Be sure you do this as the mc user (or whoever owns the server).

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I’ll try both methods but I can’t see how to enter it in the logging section but I’ll definitely try the screen thing
Edit: received an error

"Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/20’ - please check. " is the MC in the command the user that created the server

restarted mineos latest.log showed up and i can access the console :stuck_out_tongue:
thx for the help anyway

Fairly common screen error: Here’s the solution:

The logging tab doesn’t define the command line clearly, and was confused when the update occurred a while ago. The very bottom line of the log output is the command line to the server. The only downside is that it doesn’t have tab-complete or a history to cycle through.

That what I found running a vanilla server, but should be the same for spigot.

Hexparrot: can a terminal be created as discribed using tmux?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m 0% familiar with tmux. It appears, though, that tmux has a plethora of advantages over screen and that it would almost across-the-board be an improvement, in both implementation, and external usability (people would be able to attach/detach with greater ease).

That saiiiiid, that seems like it could be a large change so late in the development lifecycle of MineOS (nodejs), which means it could potentially break a lot of systems on “install-on-distro” systems that (maybe?) wouldn’t come with it?

I like this program though, so I’ll keep tabs on it. Maybe I’ll create a branch that works with tmux and see how smoothly it can be transitioned into (by having screen fallback, if necessary). [help wanted!]