Mine os does not install

i have problem, i use 32-bit computer and i want to instal mineos i downloaded iso from there: https://my.syncplicity.com/share/drr9l5rqduawdxh/mineos-node_tkl-x86 and i put this on pendrive, at the beginning everything is ok ,the installation or live cd selection screen appears and i clicked to install. there’s be some lines of text and nothing only black screen. pls help me!!!

Hm… Maybe try turning on virtualization in ur BiOS?

Ok, finally installed it now there is a problem installing the server and only the files are downloaded: PaperTools.jar cron.config server.config server.properties and I can not enable it from the web u and I click start and nothing totally happens, no notification pops up

Try to download the latest update for paperspigot. That will be running Minecraft 1.12.2 as I have it running.

papermc.io is where you get the latest versions, I’m pretty sure the MineOS versions are outdated, speaking of how they’re only on 1.12.2 lol