Mine os as a service/ontop of cent os

Sorry guys this is a dumb question I am rattled after trying for 6 to get ubuntu sever to boot I gave up and went to cent os up and running in 20 min, how do I now get mineos on it? I also tried installing mineos on bare metal but same issue, won’t boot. SeRiver is a ucs c250 m2 by cisco with 2 5690s and 98gb of ram

Installation instructions from the wiki


Thank you! Does that set up the “back up server ever 15min” and is it easy to set up that? And the restart server every 4 hour or whatever

having an issue i get down to this step

Starting the web-ui at boot

Have the web interface start
As root:
cp init/systemd_conf /etc/systemd/system/mineos.service
systemctl enable mineos

copy and past in terminal only to get

[root@localhost ~]# cp init/systemd_conf /etc/systemd/system/mineos.service systemctl enable mineos
cp: target ‘mineos’ is not a directory

update ran above command individually and it worked.
now my question is how do i find out the IP of the webgui?

That’s because you’re in your home directory (~, /root/), as opposed to /usr/games/minecraft, where /usr/games/minecraft/init/systemd_conf exists.

It’s the same IP address as your Linux install. Places to find it:

  • ifconfig
  • ip addr show
  • Your router