Medium Packet Loss

Im not 100% sure this is a host problem but i cant seem to find anything else causing it. Myself and a few other players on the server lag for 5-15 seconds when first logging on or teleporting anywhere else. My looking into this has shown that it may be caused by a low packet return, so i pulled up command prompt and sure enough im losing 15-25% packets when pinging the server. If anyone knows how to fix this whether it be changing server settings, my personal mc/internet settings, or something host side please let me know. Thank you.

is it a local server or on the internet?
I’m not sure if it makes a difference but what is the CPU usage like for the server?
Do you drop packets to your router?

its an internet server, thats on a host its been up for over a year (44 days is the last time the host was renewed) and its just started for the first time to my knowledge, but it also happens on a server i have set up at my house for a friend and i to play on. I dont drop packets to anything ive tested except the server.

Are you running the provided OS distribution? or running on top of another distro?

Provided OS distribution

if you’re pinging the host name try pinging the ip address and see if it makes a difference

Its still dropping about 15% packets

It sounds like at least an OS issue, unfortunately this is the limit of my troubleshooting skills in this area.

Well see thats what i was thinking too, but the server i have set up for the friend and i is just running of a pc downstairs. Thats why i feel like its my problem, but there are other people on the server having the same problem as me. Im not sure whats doing it.

My thought would be to install ubuntu or ubuntu server and install mineos on there, transfer over your server and try pinging it again.

Have you tried restarting the server computer?