MCPE PocketMine is back in development

Latest sucsessful build can be found here:

Profilewise it seems like you could use the link to always get the latest build in one stable unchanging link, even tough it would mean you would have to implement an unpacking operation to get the actual file from the zip.

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The pocketmine website and their twitter don’t seem to indicate they’re back in development (even if they have built a new build on their CI cluster). I’m not sure if this means somebody from the team is building something or if they’re back in earnest.

I’ll keep an eye out and when they indicate they’re gonna get a usable phar up to parity with modern clients, I’ll happily re-add it to the profiles list.

I downloaded a phar from a couple of commits ago (a few days ago), and it works with the current releases of Minecraft for Windows 10 and Android. I havent tested iOS yet, but will do that tomorrow(I need to borrow my nephews iPad for that ;D)

So the builds I linked above are for the latest 0.16.0 release of MCPE.

(edit: Oh! And the currentGitHUB is here:
(edit2: There also where some chatter abotu pocketmine on the Imagicalmines most recent github:

Ah yes, the commit history shows a lot of promise about it’s revival!

The current pocketmine have now moved (Mehh… restarted.) the forums to the following address: