MC Server isn't starting

Profile : TerraFirmaPunk-2.1.0
Java Setting : minecraft_server.17.10.jar

I’m hosting this on a FreeNas 11.3 RELEASE box through MineOS. It doesn’t seem to start the server with no log creation, no error messages and nothing to lead me down a troubleshooting aspect.

I can create and launch Spigot 1.15.2 no problem.

Any directions on this? I’m looking at /var/log/messages and no logs are getting created for errors. I’ve looked at /var/log/mineos.log with no help.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


An update: It looks like I can start the .jar via ssh but the client won’t start a 1.7.10 jar. I see the spigot doesn’t have any jar’s below 1.8.

Is that purposed?

Update 2 (Captains Log)

Using the FreeNas shell access, I looked at the MineOS.log file in /var/log outside the jails.

It looks like MineOS is failing to update npm dependencies.

I’ll work on figuring out a way to help it update the NPM dependencies.(maybe, novice at best with FreeBSD)

Update 3 lol
I was ssh’d in and not using the jail shell and … well all the issues I thought I had, I didn’t…

NPM is installed, java is installed.

So it leaves me at square one. Why isn’t this thing starting through MineOS?

I’ll update later.

Update 4 :slight_smile:
Welp…it’s working. I literally did nothing else and it started to work, so I wish I could add a solution to help others in the future.

It’s not 100%, but I believe that’s some Mod issues that I need to work out with TerraFirmaPunk (weird like there’s no stones or branchs on the ground which you need to even start progressing)

Either way thanks for coming to my Ted Talk haha.