Map Saves but Command Aren’t

So I’ve got MineOS all setup server is running like a charm but the only thing I’m seeming to have an issue with is saving commands that are run within the server!

I can /setspawn and and once I /save-all and reboot the sever all the run commands have been changed back or not ran at all. But all changes to the map and inventory of the player are not affected! Any idea?! Thanks in advance!

ls -l

Check your servers directory it should be owned by a non privileged account, if it isn’t then you will be denied write permissions which could be the case here if changes are not saving.

Above is an expert taken from the following thread below i removed the stuff which is irrelevant but you can read through this too if you feel although its for Docker which possible does not apply to you but the idea is the same you just need to tailor this information to suit. 117serv You would replace with your servers name when typing the commands.

Hey thank you guys!! Super sorry for later response it was something with how the I transferred everything.

After deleting and retrying all is working!