Making New MineOS UI?

Hello MineOS Dev!

What would it take to make a new Web UI for the web panel in MineOS? Is there a way for the community to make one?


Absolutely; you can review the code in the html/ folder of the git source tree.

Perhaps a better discussion is first; what elements of the UI are raising this question?
Is it UI look and feel?
Is it that certain UX does not work as expected or is missing?

It would be an extremely positive exercise to scope out any refresh prior to undertaking work.

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Hey Tucks!

The Server online is clunky, the white theme only is a little bit of an eye-sore, and the UI, in my opinion, feels dated, and is missing features like FTP through WebUI. MineOS Everywhere else is beautiful, the WebUI just doesn’t respond like it should. Clicking buttons won’t change or show anything for multiple seconds or until reload, the chart is inaccurate, just little minor touches that would make the experience feel more full fledged.

I understand the devs are VERY busy with other things, and implementing other features for every fricken Minecraft update that keeps flooding out, but if somehow I or community members could create an updated WebUI or modify the current one, I think that would sell MineOS as the #1 self hosted minecraft server management portal, if it isn’t already.


So I would agree with a lot of what you raised, but I commend the effort to date. We have a good UI, with a few issues in UX. Resolving these will improve product and user experience.

I suggest to move this forward, what we need to do is separate UX issues from UI look and feel. If the UX flows and feedback are correct, then the UI follows easily.

So I’d encourage everyone to make a gripe list of positive critiques, keeping it high level, which can be taken forward in this thread. For example: “Improve the feedback to users when operations are undertaken. As a user I need to … .”

One we have some of these we can triage them to bugs or future UX work. This will be a significant amount of effort to push through, so commitment is needed to get to the end result.

I wonder if there is someone using MineOS who is a UX designer for a living and is familiar with XD, figma or Zepplin. If there is and you are willing to help improve product, please wave your hands.

One thing to keep in mind is that MineOS Node (the current iteration) is considered more or less feature locked, and that any new features is more likely to be added to MineOS Ruby (next gen) (GitHub - hexparrot/mineos-ruby: ruby implementation of mineos minecraft management). The latest status of MineOS ruby (as far as I know) is that the backend is mostly done, but more or less lack a UI.

Please also remember that MineOS is a hobby project developed mostly by @hexparrot on his free time. This will have an impact on how fast thing is going. All source files are available on Github though.

Hi. I did note a new ruby project, but I was unsure of status. The node codebase has a lot of outstanding (dependent on your viewpoint I guess) functionality yet to be realised, looking at user asks.

I guess this raises a few questions:

  1. as a code contributor, where should I invest my time? mineos- node does not appear close to sunset.

  2. should either codebase adopt a formal REST API for ease of skinning?

@hexparrot why the flip to ruby? Just curious; is it a design pattern, specific tech requirements , or just a way to learn another language?

(from: Mineos-ruby megathread)

I see your point, and since -node is the one in production now we should at least make sure it stays stable and up to date, which is what is mostly what is done now. That being said. MineOS-node is starting to grow old, and has quite a lot of dependencies to old versions of node modules. There has been some effort done to update as far as possible, but to get all node dependencies up to date demands a rather large rewrite of the codebase.

MineOS ruby built on another arcitecture-idea with more enterprice-like functions, like being able to have a MineOS frontend server, with backend servers taking care of the different Minecraftservers, and has better support for different minecraft server types. Depending on @hexparrots wishes I would say that getting ruby up is probably the best used effort? This is based on my feeling that updating and adding funcitons to node would mean more or less a total rewrite anyway.

Thanks for the reply and filling in the context. That was a really useful thread you referenced.
Reading between the lines, mineos-ruby is more architecturally towards
So perhaps xkcd: Standards is most appropriate :wink:

In either implementation, defining what UI and UX experience is required for any such product is a worthwhile effort, so I’ll leave my call for people to contribute value to the conversation dangling.

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