Making a hardcore server [SOLVED]

The only way to create a new hardcore server is to use this EULA trick. Seems like it shouldn’t be this way.


  1. create new server
  2. accept EULA
  4. click off the window
  5. make change to
  6. set hardcore: true
  7. start server

The problem here is that you can only set the HARDCORE flag once, and that’s before the first run of the server. In normal operation, all the default options get you to run that server right away, and make changes later. Hardcore true/false isn’t like that.

Not until you accept the EULA, do you get the full Server.Properties options. There’s an abbreviated list that doesn’t include the Hardcore option.

It is normally impossible to toggle Hardcore mode once the world has been created

after EULA, don’t start server, click in the dark spot off the window

short Server.Properties available before accepting EULA