Losing my mind trying to get server online

using ubuntu with mineos I got my server running, smooth sailing.
I can connect to my server via lan no problem, but port forwarding isnt working.
I use an eero router hooked up to my isp’s router that is set in bridge mode.
eero says port is open, as far as I can tell everything else disagrees.
idk what to do at this point. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also remember having issues and I use eero extenders so hopefully I can help. I assume you are using the eero app to port forward and everything? Have you tried having someone outside of your IP test and see if they can get in? The reason I ask that is because I want to make sure you are using the right IP address. For some reason I struggled getting the right IP when I was setting it up even though it is fairly straight forward. If I do not see any other solution I can go through all my port settings in the eero app and see if there are any discontinuities. Once you get back to me I’ll see if I can hopefully narrow it down.