Looking for a step by step guild to install spigot on mineos

I’m trying to get a spigot server for Minecraft 1.8.8-1.8.9 for an old map of mine. I have downloaded the spigot thing thru the web portal of MineOS I just don’t know how to set it up. I need it to be spigot to run a few plugins. links to step by step guild would be nice. or any help would be greatful.

As I cant access my webui atm I cant give perfect steb by step but I can tell you through the spigot tab after you download/build your spigot version there should be a button to copy to server if you click on that assuming your server is already created it will show up In the drop down menu of the window that pops up select it and copy to that server. If it’s not already created you will have to create a server first and then perform the actions mentioned prior. Sorry I cant do a perfect step by step (I would if I could) I just cant access my system atm so I’m relying on memory